The Issue


Minneapolis, MN         



Years Active:

2016 - Present

Official Website:

Regional Touring band, The Issue, is an energetic rock band based out of Minneapolis, MN. Nodding to bands like Alice In Chains, Seether, and Alter Bridge for influence, the band has found their own sound in modern rock music. With the release of their second EP "Moving On," The Issue has landed themselves on 100+ radio stations across North America. Following up with two popular singles, the band has built competitive Spotify numbers as well as a growing online presence. The Issue plays 50+ shows a year in the Midwest with aspirations of expanding their portfolio. Recently penning licenses from Networks; Fox Sports, NASCAR, and the Discovery Network, The Issue continues to build their reputation as a band. 

"With "Moving On" The Issue shows off their impressive chops, crafting a world that feels uniquely their own." 

- Beach Sloth

Radio Stations

CFBX - Kamloops, BC

CFMU - Hamilton, ON

CFRC- Kingston, ON

CHMA - Sackville, NB

CHMR- St. Johns’s, NF

CJAM- Grosse Pointe, MI

CJSF - Buraby, BC

CJUM- Winnipeg, Man.

KAFM - Grand Junction, CO

KALA- Davenport, IA

KAOS - Olympia, WA

KCSU - Fort Collins, CO

KDHX - St. Louis, MO

KEPC - Colorado Springs, CO

KEUL- Girdwood, AK

KFAI- Minneapolis, MN

KHSU - Arcata, CA

KKCR - Hanalei, HI

KLCZ- Lewiston, ID

KLSU - Baron Rouge, LA

KMUD- Redway, CA

KNON- Dallas, TX

KNSU - Thibodaux, LA

KOPN- Columbia, MO

KPFT- Houston, TX

KPSU - Portland, OR

KRFC - Fort Collins, OR

KRUX - Las Cruces, NM

KRZA - Alamosa, CO

KSCU- Santa Clara, CA

KSCL - Shreveport, LA

KSJS - San Jose, CA

KSSU - Sacramento, CA

KTCV- Kennewick, WA

KUNM - Albuquerque, NM

KUSF - San Francisco, CA

KUWS- Superior, WI

KVMR - Nevada City, CA

KVSC - St. Cloud, MN

KWLC- Decorah, IA

KWVA - Eugene, OR

KXSU - Seattle, WA

KXUA - Fayetteville, AR

KXUL- Monroe, LA

KZMU - Moab, UT

MET - Denver, CO

Radio Phoenix - Phoenix AR

SCAD Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

WBCR-2 - Beloit, WI

WBJB - Adelphia, NJ

WBNY - Buffalo, NY

WCVF - Fredonia, NY

WCFM - Williamstown, MA

WCUC - Clarion, PA

WCDV - Carlisle, PA

WDWN - Auburn, NY

WECI - Richmond, IN

WERU- East Orland, ME

WESS- E. Stroudsburg, PA

WGDR - Plainfield, VT

WHFR- Dearborn, MI

WHUS - Storrs, CT

WHUX - Bloomington, IN

WIDR- Kalamazoo, MI

WIIT- Chicago, IL

WIPZ - Kenosha, WI

WITR - Rochester, NY

WLAS - Newton, MA

WLFR - Galloway, NJ

WLJS - Jacksonville, AL

WLOY - Baltimore, MD

WMCO- New Concord, OH

WMHB - Waterville, ME

WMPG- Portland, ME

WMSE - Milwaukee, WI

WMUH - Allentown, PA

WMUL - Huntington, WV

WNIA - Rocky Mount , NC

WNHU - West Haven, CT

WNSU - fort Lauderdale, FL

WNUW - Aston, PA

WOJB - Hayward, WI

WORT - Madison, WI

WPNR - Utica, NY

WPSC - Wayne, NJ

WRHU - Hempstead, NY

WRKC- Wilkes-Barre, PA

WRRC- Lawrenceville, NJ

WRSU - New Brunswick, NJ

WRTC- Hartford, CT

WSBF - Clemson, SC

WSIA- Staten Island, NY

WSOE - Elon College, NC

WSPN - Saratoga Springs, NY

WSUM - Madison, WI

WSYC - Dayton, OH

WTBU- Boston, MA

WTCC- Springfield, MA

WTSR - Ewig, NJ

WUDR - Dayton, OH

WUSC - Columbia, SC

WUEV - Evansville, IN

WUSO - Springfield, OH

WUTK - Knoxville, TN

WWHR - Bowling Green, KY

WWSU- Dayton, OH

WWUH- West Hartford, CT

WXAV - Chicago, IL

WXLV- Schneckville, PA

WZMB- Greenville, NC

Licensed By

FOX Sports

NASCAR Productions

OWN Network Family or Fiance

E!TV Network Total Bellas

USA Network Miz & Mrs

A&E Network Born This Way

MTV Network REAL WORLD, Challenge, Joe vs Pros

Discovery Network

TLC and Discovery Partners

NETFLIX Bill Nye Saves The World

E!TV Total Divas

TLC Network The Healer

E!TV Network Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Contact    (320)429-8636

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